Thursday, 24 September 2009

Shaman dancing power in

Well its been a while since my last post, & a lot's been going on,  not least the wonderful Conference on Shamanism at Gaunt's House earlier this month. A long w/e where many of us involved in contemporary shamanism met, networked, made ceremonies together & were blessed with inspiring presentations & workshops.  The circles I sat in there are my inspiration for sharing this painting this time.  

Many of us work in circles , on our own and with other people, circles into which we call our Spirit Helpers & Teachers,  call on our ancestors, pray for healing, call to the Spirits of a Place, make prayers,  blessings & celebrations,  ask for help & give thanks.  Circles which make safe sacred space in which we can both  face our fears, &  open like flowers to the light. 

I painted this one  to describe my seeing/feeling of sitting in a circle of people whilst a Shaman danced with his Spirit Helpers and his Rattles  and moved around us all, calling in the Spirits before the work we were to engage in. My experience was of power like many threads becoming ordered, weaving the shape of the circle that then held all of us and our work.  The painting - I hope -  says more than these words,  or I wouldn't be a painter.  I don't know why the figure is in 2 halves - I did realise during the painting process,  but got  firm NO from my Spirits each time I thought of changing it,  so thus it stays..

A big thank you to the power of the circle,  and to Mother Earth who is always supporting us.