Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Well,  yes it has been a long time since I posted, & the 2 best reasons are 
(1)  that I am now a Student Minister with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and this training will  take me to summer 2014.  I will write about it in my next post.
and (2) my creativity is taking a new turn,  which this post is about, I have circled back to textiles..

It started with upcycling clothing classes with the wonderful Carys Hedd and her sewing machines - she inspires & guides one to cut up old garments & make funky fun new ones.  See

Luckily Sarah came to stay,  I needed her help again to make a mannequin. Great way to use up rags,  we wound each other's torsos in duck tape, cut each other out & stuffed them. A real laugh! You may note I have also edited my trousers - comfy army ones that needed some colour...

Once that was in place I happily demolished 2 old fleeces & I was away..

It took a while for the whole garment to take shape.. but it is an immensely satisfying process,  which I look forward to repeating,  though of course no 2 garments will be the same..

I enjoyed creating lots of seams up the back,  but there were some spark holes too from bonfires..  so I have made a feature of them.  The finishing touch was some text,  copied from balloons given out at the end of a wonderful & inspiring play I saw in Birmingham last w/e - Flying Home by Deidre Burton & Tom Davis - which my  nephew Edmund Caird was acting in..  
So here is the final back view in the sun in our garden.. and this garment is called