Monday, 13 August 2012


My Spirits gave me the title for this painting before I started it,  which is a first for me.  It illustrates an experience I had on a shamanic journey when my spirit helpers were showing me how their energy connects to mine - or your spirit helpers'  energy to you..

I saw the human energy body as a floating empty space being filled with  spirit power - each spirit helper shows itself to us in a way we can understand,  in a form like bird,  or animal or stone or flower, and this energy is connected to the human energy body by lines or threads or light paths of energy.  We each have many helpers as I have shown in the painting,  including sun,  moon & stars.

The 3 triangle shapes behind the human shape remind me of the 3 worlds of shamanism, upper,  middle and lower -   or the 3 realms of my chi kung practice,  heaven,  human & earth -  or 3 power centres in the human body,  in the head,  the heart & the belly.   
Also they refer to the Sri Yantra -  the beautiful  2000 year old tantric image made of 9 interlaced triangles.  
Before the British Library moved to its present site it was part of the British Museum, and  there was a small Sri Yantra image on display  there which I used to go & spend time with every time I went to the museum.  The geometry of it was riveting, & calming & satisfying..

I had no idea when I began this painting that all these elements would come together.  Indeed I thought this painting was a personal one,  and its journey to completion has been quite a long one. 
Just recently I got the message that it was meant to go out in the world too -  so I hope it feeds you as much as it does me.