Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tree Prayers

I'm thinking how much I am looking forward to my regular shamanic peer group meeting here in our beautiful barn tomorrow,  and looking out at the big Ash tree which watches over us here,  & this prompts me to share some photos of it - of the view from my kitchen window,  at various different times,  photos that have accumulated..  some from the end of last winter,  some from August.

With this come thoughts of how lovely it has been here this summer ( to have had our 1st summer for 3 years..!)  and big gratitude for being in this beautiful place.  I do feel so supported by the Spirits here,  so held in my spiritual practice,  whether its meditation,  chi kung, gardening, prayer,   making paintings or textiles or whatever comes each day...  so these photos are to celebrate that .. and thank the Trees & the Land that holds and teaches us.