Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Views of my Exhibition

So here is the exhibition the last 4 posts have been about - & tomorrow I will go in to put up the 1st red dot :-).
The same as last year - I asked the purchaser to donate the money to a place / organisation local to her that looks after the land, & so the energy goes full circle, & I trust the land & the Spirits will inspire me with many more paintings .

Friday, 1 July 2011

Land 5 - " The Wren Knows "

This post & the previous 3 show pictures in my current exhibition which have not bee posted up here before. This is the most recent from my "Land " series. The inspiration this time being drawing the shapes of a clump of dried grass last winter. Whilst I was observing it, a Wren hopped by, moving from bush to undergrowth to bush through the garden , as they do. The fact that it hopped over this very place really helped me focus on it. So thanks to Wren, who brought me inspiration, knowing far more about this grass than I.

More Hearts Opening ...

More from my exhibition - These three little paintings are further developments from a larger one I posted up here at the end of last year. In this series I am working further with the theme of the heart - one's heart .. my heart .. your heart.. breaking, but in doing so breaking up in order to grow. So the scattering pieces of the heart as it has been drift, or are blown, apart, revealing a whole new world of possibilities, not just of pain, but of new energies , of hope, of love.
There will be more, I'm not through with this theme, I want to push it a lot further ... so lets wait & see..

Underneath the Ash Tree

This painting is in my current exhibition, and is the 4th in my Land series. These are the ones that start with going outdoors & drawing straight onto the canvas the shapes that I observe in a particular place here, where I live. This was, as the title says, under an Ash tree. The wind was blowing a bit, so everything was dancing about, particularly the ends of the branches which hung down over my head. There were reflections in the water close by , & all sorts of things were burgeoning on the ground - ferns, mushrooms, different leaves - and then there were other shapes above, like ivy fruit.. it was really fun to look & draw.

Afterwards the painting grew slowly indoors, in stages, as I mixed different colours to find the ones that make each other sing. This was always a happy painting.

As I look at it now, it really brings back that place to me, and the light atmosphere of that windy place, so I hope that the painting may be a blessing, from the place to you.