Wednesday, 11 January 2012

iPAD suggests new drawings / paintings ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!  BLESSINGS ALL ..    Its been a while ..  and yes I have joined the ranks of ipad owners. Its quite a surprise,  since I have not been attracted to pursuing my art digitally before,  but when I asked my Spirit helpers last autumn for guidance about my artwork,  they were unequivocal - use an ipad. 
Well I am enjoying it.  I haven't moved beyond the classic 'brushes' app yet,  I know which ones I want to explore next,  but there is so much to try out just within the permutations of this one app for the time being.  As you can see below,  I am very absorbed in building up textures , as well as the playfulness the instantaneous  palette of lovely colours brings.  There are things I cant do with it,  of course,  but having to work within certain constrictions is often inspiring ..
So thank you,  Spirits, this technology has given my drawing a much needed  shot in the arm,  as well as being an interesting way to try things out for actual paintings.

Here are 5 examples, I don't really know whether to call them drawings or paintings.  I would love to know what anyone thinks who reads this - see my email address  at the side of this blog,  or leave a comment..

From a friend's comment this is called "Woolly Jumpers & Celandines"
It came in the doing..

"Riverbank 2" - In this one I was thinking back to walking in a valley in the Cairngorms last autumn

"Stone Movement " - These textures & patterns came from sitting with a stone,  a palm sized pebble,  which sits comfortably in my hand.  It called out to me on a local beach where lots of water was pouring over the sands to reach the sea.  It is teaching me a lot.

"Arriving / Leaving"  -   This one is an image of the feeling of energy leaving me during shamanic work ..  some is leaving,  & other energy is arriving..

"Revealed "  -   A young tree which is teaching me a lot at the moment  was suddenly caught in my torch beam on a dark cloudy night recently.  Our ongoing  conversation is private,  but perhaps this drawing conveys something of that moment of communication.