Monday, 7 November 2011


Its been a while since i posted here,  & i find more options,  like writing in these colours ..  in fact I like this one even better.   Especially as I want to share a short sequence of photos I took with my mobile down on the beach yesterday,  these blues feel right.  
October brought rich changes & deep ceremony  to us here.  Blessing the shamanic work we do,  & the place,  the ripples continue to spread.  
 Then a change of gear - happy time with family in Oxford including outstanding music at the Oxford Lieder festival.  A recital by Thomas Allen being one of the musical highlights of my life - quite exceptional - deep, moving, exilerating, funny, being in the presence of a master .
And now November..  after some of those fluey achy days I'm finding my way back to the level of excercise I enjoy,  no steep walks yet,  but that nourishing from pottering at the edge of the sea.
How life changes us,  yet trusting my Spirit Helpers reconnects me  again & again .  May we each  find our right way to allow our hearts to keep opening to receive & give light,  again & again.