Friday, 24 June 2011

New Exhibition includes these Trees

Its a long time since I posted anything here.. biggest news for me today is that I hung an exhibition of my work yesterday in our local town Newcastle Emlyn, in the excellent Riverside Cafe . I have 13 pieces of work up there, including these 3 monoprints which are from a larger set. They are printed with oil paint & they are a way of working fast - intuitively, bypassing the worrying mind. I then hand-coloured some with acrylic paints & inks, just wee little bits of colour, like the middle one of these 3.

I have put several paintings up there too - some have already featured on this blog, some are soon to do so.

However simple the idea seemed of taking my work over there, the practicalities are always more complicated & time-consuming . All those little glitches like the printer ink running out, or forgetting to put the wire on the back of a canvas to hang it.. well its done now, so if you are a local reader, please pop along & have an excellent veggie snack while you are at it.

Its such an unknown quantity seeing my work in a new place & in a new combination. Actually its a joy when they look good. And its all new work since last summer when lots of my work went out to new homes, so I can sit back & see what I have done.

My barn walls here look a bit empty & bereft now - but what a gift - room for new work, & I have a lot more started & in my head.
So - my next posts will be any paintings in this show that I havent already put up here.