Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Write a love letter to the Earth ..

This ipad drawing is called  SUN EARTH LIGHT LOVE
I drew it in response to thinking of that moment at dawn when the Sun arrives over the horizon & HITS you with it's light,  with its love & energy...

I have submitted it to the website of a wonderful campaign gathering images for illustrations to get people to write Love Letters to the Earth,  not just cos it is Valentine's day today,  but to express how much each of us cares for the Earth in the run up to the next Earth Summit in Rio.  This is highlighting & raising awareness about inspiring work being done by a wonderful barrister called Polly Higgins  to get the United Nations to recognise Ecocide as the 5th crime against Peace. 

I recommend having a look at all the artists' work from all over the world  there,  & writing a letter ..

go for it !! 

Friday, 3 February 2012


The full title of this painting is actually written through the canvas ..  whereby hangs a story..  I thought myself really stuck with this one,  it was hanging in my studio for ages & I knew it wasn't right & yet couldn't see what it needed.  The answer came in a conversation with someone else who commented on sitting in our conservatory last summer  & enjoying hearing the trees.   Mmmm  ... HEARING them... why ..?..      The penny dropped very soon after & made a link  for me which became the title - 


So I painted the text into the painting,  each word in a different place.  here are a couple of close-ups