Friday, 7 March 2014

5,000 year old Trees !

I had such a positive response to the photos I put on my Facebook page ( yes, you can find me there ..)  I thought I would post some more over here..

Taken on a walk at Borth last w/e,  where these ancient ones were exposed after the recent storms removed many tons of sand.  At the new moon low tide they were all visible ..  in a long strip above the low tide mark. 

Who has walked here before,  long ago ..??

It felt very special and out-of-clock-time  to wander along there in the glow of backlit clouds before rain ..  didnt want to leave,  except that the rain did come in some force ...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Its been a long time ,  I know,  but life &  training as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister more than fills my time at the moment, -  and I was intending to write about that  here too - another time.
When turning some clothes out recently  I thought about how I liked bits of them .. and then the penny dropped - there's another garment lurking here.  So out came the scissors,  and a much missed tingle of energy,  and a big smile...
This 1st photo is of what happened last,  another image of a heart breaking open,  which, those of you who follow me here will know,  is a symbol I have painted quite a few times ...  well  I rather like it in fabric,  in fact I have had such  a positive response going about in this top that I might make some more with these happy hearts on.   We all need a bit of that.   The heart breaking bit isn't happy ,   but you don't get to the sparkles  without the growing open.  Doesn't work like that ..  Oh ,  and a big thank you to the friend who gave me the packet of heart sequins.  I'll just have to get some more now .

And now I cant see how to get away from the centre - never mind.  
So it will come out like

I have so enjoyed the process,  following those hunches the spirits whisper in my ears,  if they aren't being more forceful than that..  And I still get such a kick from something lumpy & filled with pins turning into one fluid piece of fabric.  Magic.  Gets me every time.  Thank you thank you ..
That's enough foreplay -  here is the garment,  4 old ones into one.  It was really fun to make,  and it likes the view...

The back was fun too,  saved the best bit of a favourite t-shirt,  and now I have discovered fabric pens too ..  more & more possibilities open up ...

Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoy wearing it ..  Big thanks to Carys Hedd  of  who started me off on this & shares her skills & enthousiasm so generously.
See you around !