Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Old Trees, new paintings for sale..

Hallo again, I'm surprised how much time has passed since I last clocked in here. I haven't been doing much artwork over the summer so I thought I would share this image of a wonderful Tree I met in the forest near Knysna on a visit to South Africa earlier this year. It is a magnificent Yellowwood Tree, over 800 years old. Very humbling, I find , to meet these ancient beings. I hope this photo conveys something of how impressive it was.

The summer was good for my Art in another way - we held a Barn Sale here & I sold 14 of my paintings in aid of our local Wildlife Centre near Cilgerran, outside Cardigan. Its a beautiful place which gives me much pleasure, and it feels right that since my work is inspired by the land, that in this way I can give energy back to the land. I look forward to selling my work in this way again - the next time will be at the upcoming Shamanic Practitioners Conference at Gaunt's House - so if you are going, and you fancy a particular painting, email me (see box on the right). In fact email me anyway if you want one of the paintings on this blog, and if its still left with me we can discuss the donation you'd make in payment to our Wildlife Centre or another land-related charity of your choice...