Monday, 12 November 2012


Well,  it has happened,  and nearly a week has rushed by!  Thank you to all of you who came & supported me,  & especially those of you who bought paintings & prints - all the money will be donated to the Woodland Trust.

Luckily my friend, photographer & artist Sarah Knowler was there to make good use of my camera for me - thank you Sarah :-)
I am not going to post many of her lovely shots of friends & family,  but have selected 5 that show off the venue the best. The beautiful Forge venue in Camden, London is well worth a visit ( details on flier on previous post ) and these pics are taken in their upstairs room - the Foundry Gallery - which is about to become a sought-after  place to exhibit.  I am proud to be the 2nd artist to do so.

It was lovely (once over my nervousness) to show various family & older & newer friends some of my work from the last 3 years,  & celebrate after with a delicious meal there too.

Here it is :-

I must add that this last photo is of my nephew,  Adam Caird,  who dreamed up & runs this wonderful place with his wife Charlotte;  and he is holding my irresistable great-niece Isla,  who had dressed perfectly for the occaision !!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Glorious Sun

I am deep in exhibition preparation mode (see flier 2 posts ago ) & its amazing how much time it takes up putting hooks & string on the backs of paintings,  cutting bubble wrap to size,  making labels etc etc  ..  Probably wont post again till I have put the exhibition up next tuesday. 

Luckily a friend came down last week for a long w/e and that stopped me spending too much time on it.  Even better we had some consecutive days of glorious sunny but not too cold autumn weather,  & took our cameras for walks.  I am the proud owner of a new compact,  & chuffed with the opportunity to take better photos -  I hope my occaisional posts here will thus improve..

Here is an example of one of those lucky moments,  & here's to friends that come & take us out of ourselves :-) .. you know who you are ..