Thursday, 26 July 2012

Land 8 - 'Promises"

The next of these paintings from the land here has come in quite fast.
The initial drawing on canvas in the particular place  took place in Spring,  & then the non-summer weather after that meant I didn't go back there many times during the making of the painting, which is a change.
It had a very lively energy right from the beginning,  and once again,  I worked in acrylics,  and enjoyed finding new ways to make marks & build layers.  All my paintings are spirit-led,  but  this one stretched my trust to new heights.  Put that colour there ?  Really ?  OK.   
And then the Bird appeared,  which was totally unexpected,  and off we went somewhere new.

When I finish one of these paintings I make a shamanic journey to take the painting to the  place & thank the Spirits there,  who gave me the painting.  This experience was deep & joyful this time.  And  yesterday I walked round the land again & the next painting is already on the way.  Things seem to be accelerating !!

I would like to thank all my fellow participants in the annual International Shamanic Community summer gathering earlier this month,  because all the dancing & interaction with the Spirits of the Land there definitely helped me trust & follow my Spirit Helpers to create this painting. 

It occurs to me looking back at my posts that I only put relatively small files of my paintings up here,  which makes them appear smaller than the ipad work -  not true !!  just convenient.
You will just have to come & see the real thing some day.. either here in SW Wales,  or perhaps when I have an exhibition in London in November..  of which more nearer the time,  but let me know if you want to have more info please.

Sea labyrinth

This one is an oil painting which has taken time to appear in my studio.  It got quite stuck for a while,  an I only found the way forward by drawing several more versions on my ipad,  the last of which I will add below.  
I have done several images with labyrinths in over recent years - its a series I add to sporadically -  some of them are in the archive section on this blog.
I always find walking the labyrinth magical & focussing both as a meditation,  & as a ceremony for a specific purpose / ocaision.  
In this painting the way the labyrinth changes the view makes me think of seeing differently as I sometimes do when guided by my Spirits.  Different ways of seeing...

Here is the ipad version -