Thursday, 10 May 2012

Land 7 - " Open Field "

This is the 7th painting in my series inspired by the land here where I live - the others have all been entered in this blog. This one started with drawing onto the canvas the shapes that I saw up in the middle of our top field last summer.  The canvas waited quietly in the studio for some months,  then I put a photo of it onto my ipad, & drawing over that created this 1st version :-

Then last week I finally came to painting it -  well I didnt want just to repeat myself,  & also I worked in acrylics ,  unlike the preceding oil paintings,  so it changed .. I enjoyed the different pace,  no long careful mixing of colours,  the limitation/ attraction of paint drying quickly..  And some surprises as always. The painting travels round the edges of the canvas,  as with most of my paintings.

The title both reminds me of the literal place,  & also that I have experienced shamanic ceremonial work up there, when I and the place have been open to other levels of activity that often remain unseen..
So all blessings  & thanks to the place and the Spirits.