Thursday, 11 October 2012

Enjoying Colour & Texture

Here are some photos I have taken  at various time & places over the last year or so,  all at moments where my attention was caught by colour,  or texture,  or both .  I was simply going to share the most recent one,  but  when I look back I realise how regularly this happens,  & I'm interested to put some side by side & see them as a group.

These moments of joy in seeing some particular combination of random things feeds my painting practice.  When I am working on a painting & looking/feeling for the combination of colours that will , I hope,  make each other sing,  things such as these are feeding me.  It is an unconscious source of support - I don't deliberately seek to copy nature's colours,  that has never worked for me.  Sometimes I will only see the connection from a painting or drawing back to a photo afterwards.  I think my Spirit Helpers have this sorted ...

These 5 shots are taken in some of my favourite landscapes - S Wales,  N Wales,  & Scotland.  I feel so glad to be able to spend time in these places,
I hope these convey something of their mixture  of ancient presence & fragile beauty.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Haven't posted for a while so here is one thing I am busy with ..  and big thanks to Nick Breeze Wood for turning my idea into this lovely poster/flyer image. If any of you out there are in London in November please  come & have a look.