Thursday, 26 July 2012

Land 8 - 'Promises"

The next of these paintings from the land here has come in quite fast.
The initial drawing on canvas in the particular place  took place in Spring,  & then the non-summer weather after that meant I didn't go back there many times during the making of the painting, which is a change.
It had a very lively energy right from the beginning,  and once again,  I worked in acrylics,  and enjoyed finding new ways to make marks & build layers.  All my paintings are spirit-led,  but  this one stretched my trust to new heights.  Put that colour there ?  Really ?  OK.   
And then the Bird appeared,  which was totally unexpected,  and off we went somewhere new.

When I finish one of these paintings I make a shamanic journey to take the painting to the  place & thank the Spirits there,  who gave me the painting.  This experience was deep & joyful this time.  And  yesterday I walked round the land again & the next painting is already on the way.  Things seem to be accelerating !!

I would like to thank all my fellow participants in the annual International Shamanic Community summer gathering earlier this month,  because all the dancing & interaction with the Spirits of the Land there definitely helped me trust & follow my Spirit Helpers to create this painting. 

It occurs to me looking back at my posts that I only put relatively small files of my paintings up here,  which makes them appear smaller than the ipad work -  not true !!  just convenient.
You will just have to come & see the real thing some day.. either here in SW Wales,  or perhaps when I have an exhibition in London in November..  of which more nearer the time,  but let me know if you want to have more info please.

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