Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bowl of Images...

yes, a bowlful of images ON a bowl.. the 1st of many, and all because I happened to see a pile of wooden bowls & plates for a tenner at a local market.. and I'm intending to paint them all. One & a half down, five & a half to go. I prime them white, & then go outside & see what calls to be drawn on them. With the 1st one I didn't get across the grass at the back of the studio - I thought I was heading out onto the fields, but no, it was a warm day, my eyes wandered over docks, buttercup, vetch.. the 1st bowl was filled with shapes in no time.

The one above is in fact the 2nd one I started, but the 1st I have finished painting. That time I barely got out of the door. At the back of our barn where my studio is are some fuchsia bushes.. they would have jumped up & down if they could! In fact they were really, or that was their effect in energy terms. This one drew itself really quickly.. honest guv, I just hold the end of the pencil.

It feels such a great way to draw, letting the shapes arrange themselves around the bowl. An obvious step, now that I have made it, from the way I have been working on my canvasses. And there's SO much more to do! All over the land here are more plants, trees, places that are intimating they want to join in this process too. This could go on sometime...

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