Monday, 12 September 2011


I took these photos on my mobile on a recent holiday with my partner on the beautiful Lleyn peninsular in North Wales. We were sitting at the back of the beach on our 1st afternoon there, & looking around me I saw so many little feathers, & I felt a gut need to do something in response..
So I found myself gathering some & standing them in the sand, totally engrossed in following my intuition..
As this little place took shape, I kept hearing in my head " TAKE CARE OF THE LITTLE ONES " .

As I finished it, putting the seaweed round the edge to mark the boundary of this little place, I understood that it was a little shrine. A little marker , tucked up at the back of the beach, just below high tide mark ; a message for me, a message for anyone who might explore there too in the next hours while the sea crept its way back up the long sands. The tide was big that day, there was plenty of time.

And so I share it with you - TAKE CARE OF THE LITTLE ONES - whoever they are around you today. Little people, little plants, little trees, little crawling, walking, climbing, flying ones, small or young or old ones, take that extra moment to take care. Let them touch your heart & teach you, as these little feathers did me.

And I thank all the Spirits who love us, who are just waiting to take care of us, each time we ask for their help.

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