Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Evanescent flowers

Whilst working on paintings take time,  the flowers in our garden seem to whizz through flower to seed in our very changeable & unseasonably cool weather.  Still I would like to share a few beauties..
This 1st is a peony bloom from a few weeks ago - a plant my Mum subdivided from an old one at the house where I grew up,  north of London.  It then lived at Mum's next home nearby for some years.  Then it came here to such a different climate about 3 years ago.  It just survived 2 very hard winters, & after this last milder one has given us a first flower since its arrival,  which felt even more epic when Mum told me it was possibly planted by my great-grandmother !  Praise to the tenacity of this beautiful  plant which has felt able to flower again at last ...

The other is a poppy -  we have not had success with these either til this year - & I feel that this is the first year that we really have a proper garden,  & the Spirits of the place have settled after all the changes after we moved here. Thank you to all who have helped us reach this point,  both human friends & Spirit helpers...
I think this poppy's  shapes & colours are so fabulous at every stage of its growth  :-)

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