Friday, 10 February 2017

3 female goddesses ..

In this 4th and last post (for now  ) are 3 larger paintings that have emerged alongside the ones in the previous 3 posts ,  over recent months.  Like the other work ,  they couldn't grow without the support of my spirit teachers,   the support and  sharing of those i sit in circle with regularly,  and many soul feeding conversations with like - minded people   thank you all . 

The 1st 2  arrived one after the other as a pair .  This 1st one  ' The song of connection '  started off very different ,  and was a real surprise in its final form, letting me know clearly when it wasn't right yet ..  and then when it was finally finished ,  as paintings often do . The eyes in the hands are a reminder  of Chenrezig ,  also known as Avalokiteshvara ,  the  all-seeing buddhist  god of compassion,  who has  11 heads and 1,000 hands with 1.000 eyes ,  and therewith enough compassion for the whole world ..

I was told that the next one,  a companion painting,  was called ' The dance of connection '  and it came in quite quickly ,  then stalled for weeks while i worked on others ,  and finally was finished only this week ..  and like those posted previously ,  it harks back to my vision quest day last year .  There's no knowing quite when those experiences will bear more fruit ,  they  pop back up and surprise you ..

And finally ,  this is what has become the third partner in this group of paintings.   Although started last ,  it was completed between the other 2 .  The initial drawing  came from a shamanic journey and is part of the answer to a question about the wild juicy nature of creativity  !  -   soon afterwards i realised she was demanding that  i develop her into a painting .  She is called ' The Creatrix '  and  also said to me 'You don't have like me ! ' .. 

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