Monday, 22 January 2018


I never posted about a commission I really enjoyed last year ..  for our wonderful local fair trade shop in Newcastle Emlyn - Fair and Fabulous .

( You can find out about them on their Facebook page )

They wanted to have something on the wall explaining the 10 principles of Fair Trade .  What they showed me online was very clunky ..   and I heard myself say " I could do better than that " ,  and so I landed myself in it ..
which I actually enjoyed.  As I wrote in previous  posts below ,  I have been exploring lettering ,  so here was a chance to use my new skills .
I came up with the idea of making the 10 sections into a circle in a square  ,  like  a clock face or a target.   That gave me a way of fitting in all the logos that were needed too ,  and then I took the colour scheme from the central logo  .  It was a challenge to fit all of that in ,  and I am pleased to hear that it has been a useful talking point in the shop ,  as  was hoped .  

So big thanks to Gill & Lenshina for all their ongoing hard work in creating a great shop ,  and for giving me the opportunity ...

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