Tuesday, 10 February 2015

unusual play costumes .... :-)

Its been longer than I realised since I last posted here - never mind,  I have something special to share ...
I received a delightful commission to create 8 upcycled costumes for a play that will be on in Birmingham the w/e after next ...

I have completed the costumes, but I cant reveal them  before the play,  but I can say that it has been a heart-lifting joy to make them,  and that the request was a direct result of the other clothing I have posted here before ...

I now work with a  mannequin which makes it easier to enjoy and play with the way fabric behaves ..  how it hangs,  stretches ..  puckers ...falls ..
They are all lovingly recreated from tee shirts,  dresses,  jerseys ..  items that someone somewhere had no further use for ,  and now they have new life,  which feels good ethically as well as being FUN !  and goodness (and others) knows we need to keep feeding our hearts ...
here are a couple of photos to show my 'pallette' , and some work in progress

my spirit helpers were looking over my shoulder all the time ,  as usual, in their ever unpredictable way,  and trusting the ideas that pop in -( really ? put that with this ??? )  - is part of the joy of making .  Also this work 'just happened' to come along at a challenging time, and has been the perfect counterbalance to other parts of my life ..  Oh thank you Universe I never cease to be amazed by the workings of love through our lives ...

I am all agog for that moment when I attend the play ,  and see who is wearing which item ( loose fitting - so not for me to decide ...!),  how they will look, move, seem unfamiliar, yet deeply known ...  As with exhibiting paintings I anticipate being a bit nervous ,  I never know how an exhibition will look when I go back in ...


The performances are 

Friday February 20th at 19.30
Saturday February 21st at 14.30 and 19.30
Sunday February 22nd at 14.30 and 19.30

In the hexagon theatre - mac - birmingham  - in cannon hill park (opposite edgbaston cricket ground)
running time - 2hours (including an interval)

tickets: £10/6
from www.macbirmingham.co.uk or 0121 446 3232

I would so love to hear your reaction - see my email on this blog ...


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