Thursday, 11 June 2009

Listen to the Earth..

I took this photo on a woodland walk in mid-Wales. Looking back at it today it speaks to me of the Earth , of the land we walk on every day, often so unaware that Mother Earth is always  - yes, always  - supporting us.  When I allow my shamanic practice to slow me down enough then I can know this more deeply. Then I give myself the chance to feel a bigger, slower, more ancient way of being..  
How slowly this root grew... what a great system its connected to...  what a different time-scale it inhabits ... and yet it seems to move,  to spell movement, to refer to other things...  a snake ?  a fluidity  like the sap somewhere within ?  ...
It reminds me of the practice of Chi Kung,  long slow movements with long slow breathing, which allow the flow of chi, the body's vital energy, to move more freely ...  and through this slowing down  I glimpse a more effective way of  my body being & being able to move, whether fast or slow,  and when I'm really in practice the glimpses join hands , and time spreads and there's more room in my life. 
So why do we lose that knowing, again & again ?  that's being human  -  but what matters is to keep allowing it to open our hearts again & again  -   
Listen!  its calling right now....    

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  1. That is so beautiful Janie, the picture and the painting and your words.
    I was busy looking for ways to save 'Seinde's very precious land in Nigeria and this popped in and gave me inspiration. Thank you.
    I slowed down and went to talk to the snails: they are so quietly determined. They don't give up. I shall be like snail!
    Love, Jocelyn