Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer Solstice thoughts..

I have a stone in my pocket which I met at the Summer Solstice on the Isle of Coll several years ago,  when I was on a course up there with my shamanic teacher, Jonathan Horwitz.  The stone has stayed with me ever since & given me many teachings -  a great gift from the universe.  Last  year it gave me this painting ,  which is not  "of " it but rather "about" it.  Several other stones have now given me paintings too,  so this painting became the first of an ongoing series and I may share others on this blog on other days.  I had a strong feeling that this stone had a wish to teach me in this way,  so I sat with it,  talked/dreamed with it, and used Chi Kung to open to seeing it in new ways.  The painting has gone on to a new home,  and I am still learning from the stone..
Today I walked  on the Preselli ridge,  not far from here, with our local Wildlife Trust,  and a geologist showed us some of the different rocks, including where some of the stones at Stonehenge are thought to come from.   Right now radio 3 is on & Stephen Johnson has just commented on the warmth of Cotswold stone...  I dont believe in coicidences..    
Like many people I have a collection of stones from different places that have come with me from walks ..  as my shamanic practice deepens I am careful to ask them whether to take them,  & they often say no...  but I do wonder what paintings the stones that have come to live with me may give me,  several have intimated they would like me to work with them.  
So here is another facet of my work.  I have made my 1st entries here varied to show you that I work in a variety of ways ,  and on this lightest, longest day,  I look forward to continuing the different threads I have started as the year stretches on.

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