Wednesday, 10 June 2009

you gotta start somewhere...

...and this is my 1st ever blogpost.. 
& I want to speak about  this painting which I did  a while ago after a shamanic journey ( more about that process below). 
 What I wanted to share was that I became the height of the grasses & met the Spirits who run through the grasses & flowers , up the trees & along the branches...   and where they run, beautiful plants grow from their footprints..  They took me running & dancing with them, & there was such joy & healing in their passing, & the interweaving energy spreading out from them..

My Spirit Teachers give me pictures to paint,  I also do journeys to ask for help & healing for people,  & I enjoy creating ceremonies for people , to mark a significant moment, perhaps, or as part of healing the energy of a place..

I'm blessed with living out here in a beautiful rural place, and the wisdom of the land,  the rocks, the trees, the sea,  the animal & bird life will inform all this..

I look forward to writing more about all these things,  and posting pictures of my artwork, which includes drawing,abstract pieces & installation work too..  

This is just a taster for what you may find on this Blog,  so come back soon....

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